5 Tips For Staying Safe When Using A Mobile Storage Unit For Moving

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If you are moving soon or are downsizing, using a mobile storage unit for your move can be a great way to go. It allows you to bring the storage unit to your home and pack it up on your timetable.

#1 Stay Away While The Container Is Being Delivered

When the container is being delivered, be sure to stay clear of the area. Allow the drivers to back up and set up the storage container in the area you have designated. Storage containers can have lots of blind spots, so be sure to keep yourself, your children, and your pets away from the delivery area as the container is being dropped off.

If you have to have the container placed on a slope, make sure that the door is facing uphill. You don't want the door to face downhill; objects could slide out after you load them into the trailer.

#2 Do Not Move The Container Once It Is Placed

Next, do not move the container once it has been placed. The drivers who will bring the mobile storage unit to your home will lock the wheels in place to ensure that the container stays put. You don't want to unlock the wheels and allow the container to roll. It is a large, heavy object that could easily cause other people harm. You can stay safe by not moving the container once it is placed.

#3 Keep Hazardous Materials Out Of The Container

Make sure that you keep hazardous materials out of the container. That includes things such as cleaning products, paints, and chemicals you use on your car or lawn. You should dispose of those chemicals or transport them to your new destination in your personal vehicle. You could be violating your rental terms if you store any of these materials in the container.

#4 Keep The Weight Even

When you add items to the container, you want to keep the weight even. Don't load all of the items on one side of the container; you don't want the container to shift or tilt to one side or the other. Try to spread out the weight and the placement as you fill up your container. Create a solid base and then small stack objects on top of the larger, heavier objects.

#5 Secure The Items

Finally, when you put items inside of your container, you should take steps to keep them secure. Even if you feel like you packed up the container really tight, items could still shift around in the container. To keep things in place, use ropes and bungee cords to keep everything where it is supposed to be and to ensure that it doesn't slide forward towards the door when you are opening it. You don't want to get injured by your own belongings.

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