3 Questions To Ask When You Are Planning A Commercial Relocation For The First Time

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If you're planning to move your business, office or other commercial entity in the near future, planning for the transportation of all the goods, items and property associated your with that process is of the utmost importance. However, commercial relocation can present with challenges not currently associated with domestic moves and the situation also intensifies when the move involves a significant distance. Therefore, when planning a commercial relocation, it's best to ask the following questions of any organization with whom you are entrusting the tools of your trade and the items with which your business is associated. 

How Would Storage Be Handled If It Becomes Necessary?

It's important to note that there is a strong possibility that some or all of your commercial property may not be arriving at its intended location at the exact time when the facility is available and when the utilities, internet access, phones, etc. are accessible. Therefore, it's quite likely that some outside storage needs may manifest, even if the move itself is not a long-distance relocation.  

By extension, it's best to verify that there is a safe place to secure the items in question if there is an issue with an immediate move-in to the new property. That option could range anywhere from an empty warehouse on the property owned or rented by the moving company, an existing arrangement with a local storage company or the short-term usage of a mobile rental trailer. However, it is still a better idea to have that option at that time than to be stuck in a difficult situation later on.       

What Are The Insurance Guidelines And Use Requirements If Damage Occurs?

Another concern extends to the responsibilities for liability that pertain to any missing or damaged items being transported to the new location. While insurance would normally be a given for any corporate relocation firm,  the dollar amount of that question can vary extensively. Similarly, the expectations of filing a claim for that coverage may come under debate.

For instance, you will benefit from determining if the total amount of a claim is capped at the items in the vehicle at the time by specific movers or if it is impacted by the total declared items of the goods in question at the time. Sadly, a cracked computer screen on a new model in one vehicle or under the control of a certain mover could be one complain while damage to the new furniture for the waiting room could accrue elsewhere during the relocation.   

In conclusion,  a commercial relocation can be quite risky for any business and there is the potential for loss of income and property if a less than reputable organization is selected to transport the applicable items. As a result, before selecting a company to assist with the move, it's a good idea to ask the above questions of that organization.