Don't Ignore These Variables When Budgeting For A Move

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The major factors that affect the cost of moving include distance and number/size of items to be moved. That is why moving a three-bedroom house from one state to another is likely to be more expensive than moving a two-bedroom across the same city. However, there are also other easy-to-forget variables that can affect the eventual price. Below are some of these variables.


Some items need to be disassembled at the pickup point and be assembled at the delivery point. Large items, fragile items, or heavy items belong to this category. The disassembly breaks down the items into manageable sizes to ensure safety during handling and relocation. For example, a large bed is best transported in its disassembled state. Local movers charge extra fees for disassembling and assembling such items unless you can do it on your own.

Loading Distance

The loading distance is the distance from the moving truck to your house. A long loading distance gives the movers a hard time and calls for more money. If the distance is moderately long, say some dozens of feet, the movers might charge you a long carry fee. If the loading distance is too long, the movers might charge you a shuttle fee, which they use to transport your items in smaller vehicles before loading the items into the moving truck.


Hoisting and lowering fees apply if you have items that the movers have to hoist onto the moving truck using appropriate equipment, such as a crane. For example, a grand piano is a pretty heavy thing to lift, so you might need to pay hoisting fee. The lowering fee applies when the movers have to use similar equipment to unload the heavy items at your moving destination.


If you are planning to relocate, ensure your destination is ready to accept your items. For example, if you are moving to a new house, the house should be move-in ready and someone should be there to receive the items. Otherwise, the movers will have to turn the moving truck around and keep your goods in temporary storage. You will have to pay a re-delivery fee when you are finally ready to receive your items.

As you can see, there is no copy and paste when it comes to relocation budgeting. You need to account for every single variable to get the budget right. Ideally, the mover should know every single thing you plan to move before issuing a moving quote.