Picking Out The Right Moving Service For The Job

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If you are moving from one home to another, finding the right moving company to transport your necessities is extremely important. Moving companies vary in services, making it crucial that you ask the right questions to ensure the business you select provides you with the features you desire.

Do Some Detective Work First

Before you hire a moving service, make calls to several prospects to find out which are available for the job you need to be performed. Does someone answer the phone immediately, or do you need to leave a message? Is there a physical address where you can speak with someone if you have an issue? If you cannot connect with the business right away and there is no known building with an office for the service, move on to another company.

Ask About Pricing

A moving service will send someone to your home to find out how much needs to be moved and how far it is going to be transported. Afterward, a quotation is provided to you. Inquire as to whether the quotation includes extras such as moving bags or packaging materials. Is the cost subject to change depending upon mileage adjustments or weight variations, or is it a set price? Make sure to ask about additional charges and in what instances they occur before you sign a commitment form.

Inquire About Credentials

It is important to select a moving company that has a federally issued license. Without this important operating license, you are at risk of being overcharged or scammed as the business is not bound by transporting standards. Do not hesitate to ask a moving service if they have written reviews online or via paper copy for you to view. Ask the company if they are a member of the American Mover and Storage Association as well because this will help you understand the moving company's certifications.

Get The Necessary Paperwork

When dealing with a moving service, you need to have documentation to lay out the expectations that you have for the movers and protect yourself and the movers against any liability. All moving services must provide customers with a brochure about their rights when using this type of business. In addition to this brochure, make sure the service provides you with an estimate for the services they intend on providing, an inventory form, and an order for service if you decide to hire them.